The last ever India travelblog...

After a few days in Dharamsala everybody I was there with left. I had a few days to chill out and I really didn't do anything. I sat around in cafes and read books like a true Dan.

I read a book about Monica Lewinsky which was actually very funny. It was just a copy of the court transcript and not intentionally funny.

I finished Don Quixote, it was good. I traded it in for The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and read that and then sold it. It, too, was good.

I did a bit more book buying and bought a big slab that was The Lord Of The Rings and also Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged which I am still working my way through.

I bought a ticket to see a local band called JJI Exile Brothers, they were good. I bought a cd of theirs which I have found out now is very jittery. Not so good.

I also managed to find, buy and eat some Oreos. They were not so impressive.

A few days later I left Dharamsala to return to Delhi. Not long after I boarded the bus it became apparent that one of the passengers was a mad, old and quite very drunk Austrailian woman. She was shouting around calling someones name (who wasn't there). She got off the bus and shouted a bit more and then fell off the side of the hill.

Luckily she was caught by some barbed wire, donated a bit of blood as a thank you, and then was pulled back up by some people. And then she was quiet for the rest of the night.

In the morning we arrived in Delhi, I shared a rickshaw to Paharganj and went into the first hotel I saw with an AC room and slept.

Later I went out for a rickshaw to Connaught Place. The driver tried to drop me off at some other places so I shouted at him.

In Connaught I spent the last of my rupees on some flashy clothes and some books. I could have changed them back to pounds but I like to shop.

I went to the hotel and slept more. I had a taxi booked for 4.30am so it was probably a good idea to sleep.

At 5am I woke up. I'd had a wake up call arranged for 4am so I grabbed my bag and went to the reception to shout at the staff. It turned out that they'd not called me because they had wrote to do it the day before.

They weren't confused by a taxi turning up at 4.30am with no one to get in it because the hadn't arranged the taxi. I shouted at them a bit more and then they called one and told it to hurry.

I wasn't too late to the airport but I did have to hurry through. On the plane I had a flight attendant in the seat to my left and an empty seat on the right.

The flight attendant was seated for take off and for landing, for the rest of the time I had three seats for myself. That was quite nice. I made the most of it by sprawling. I'm sure I garnered a few envious look from passers by.

After traveling on Indian transport I expected the plane to stop on some cloud to pick up extra passengers but it didn't happen.

A lot of hours later we circled around for a bit and then landed in London. It was nice and sunny until a few minutes later when some big clouds came along. England has a lot of clouds.

I checked into a hostel and then took a stroll by the Thames and then went to a dingy music bar in Camden for an overpriced beer, it was cool though..

I returned to the hostel. There was some tube entertainment by two men singing (with guitar and drum accompaniment) about the woes of not being able to shave in a public toilet in London. Apparently it's illegal.

They tried to sell a cd afterwards but I didn't buy it, they looked dirty and unshaven.

Back in the hostel I was feeling tired so I went to the bar and drunk Guiness until 5am at which point it was morning so I slept.

I woke late and got charged £10 for it, London is expensive. I walked around Victoria, had some food and then took the National Express (when your life's in a mess).

Soon later I was back in Leeds and then I was back at home and that's the end.