I believe it is customary to introduce a new website.

But first, out with the old. My previous website was lovingly hand crafted, in advance of my trip to India, to give me a place to upload stories of my travels and keep family and friends aware that I was still alive. I wrote it in PHP and it kind of worked (it was only hacked and used to host porn once) but it was both too much hassle to use, and, compared to all of the other options available now, completely unfeatured and difficult.

Static blogging generators are all the rage these days, and rightly so given the ease of set up and the safety provded by the absence of moving parts and database. I decided to use ruhoh with a custom theme. I'm fairly happy with the outcome so far.

This blog is hosted on ruhoh.com, and the source and my theme are both available on my github here and here.

Update 11/3/2014: I scrapped Ruhoh. The hosting no longer is available with version 2+ and the GitHub Pages integration didn't work. Also it borked up GA codes and changed publishing from a git push to a ten minute job.