Another overnight bus say me traveling from Manali to Dharamsala. I've stopped trying to sleep on the buses now. I was happily listening away to mp3s until the battery expired just a few hours into the journey. Some time later during the darkness we stopped for refreshments and I got to chatting with a geezer called Elad about music.

Back on the bus the boy next to me kept falling asleep and headbutting my shoulder so, espying an empty seat, I moved. Later Elad came to join me and shamed me with my poor knowledge of Joy Division lyrics.

After arrival in Mcleod Ganj a big group of us headed Eastwards towards a village called Bhagsu. In the group there was Elad and Noam, Dev and Iris, Marta and Pinku and I.

It was still early and, in Bhagsu, nothing was yet open. We sat around for a while on a hill then went to a hotel and annoyed a few people by waking them at 6am and then went to a dhaba for some thali breakfast.

A lot of the hotels were full but we found one with four rooms available. The people in the hotel told us they like to party and stay up most nights until 3am. This was ok the first night but after not so much.

The rest of the day was a blur, I slept, ate a bit, had a beer with the party guys and slept again.

The next day (Sunday) we all (- Noam) took a walk down to McLeod and then on to Dharamsala. In McLeod we were invited by two nice ladies to a traditional Tibetan dance show that evening which will be described by picture and video in the next post.

From there we walked to Dharamsala. It was a 4km walk downhill (Dharamsala is roughly 4-500m lower than McLeod), the parts by road were easy but we took some shortcuts between the trees. I slipped and fell on my arse twice.

We got to Dharamsala and there was nothing of much interest so we left. We got a jeep back up to McLeod instead of climbing.

Upon Pinku's suggestion we went to find Dal lake. Elad took over my camera and we fell behind, but got a good quantity of pictures. We caught up with the gang at lentil lake, I got some aloo snacks and we all sat next to a temple by the lake. It was nice.

We went next to see the Tibetan dance show which, however, cannot now be related.

Here the author ends this short chapter, and begins another, prosecuting the same adventure of the dance show, which is one of the most notable in the history.