I crossed the border back to India on Saturday 26th May, I was meant to go early but when I got up I turned on the tv and Teenwolf was on on the movie channel so it made me late.

Crossing was pretty easy, there is a river along the border with a huge bridge for me to walk over. I saw a man on a rickshaw headed towards Nepal so we waved at each other, which was nice.

I went from the border to Nainital because I had heard that it was beautiful and I'd been told I must go. There wasn't much to do there but the lake (Tal means lake) was a beautiful and so I had three days there.

I could have stayed longer but it was also very expensive. I paid a lot of rupees for a not very nice room.

There wasn't much to do there so there isn't so much to write. I walked around the lake a couple of times and sat in some cafes. The highlight of my time there was finishing 100 Years of Solitude. It was an ace book, I read the last page 5 times.

I left on Monday May 28 towards Dehra Dun, 2 months since my flight from London.