I decided to leave Thamel and Kathmanduafter ten days and head to Nepal's no. 2 city Pokhara.

Pokhara is a beautiful town by the side of a lot of water named Phewa Tal (Tal means lake). The town is split into three parts, the two important ones (ie, where I went) are Lakeside (next to the lake) and Damside (next to the dam).

There are quite a few touristy places to visit in Pohara but it was too hot so mostly I sat in restaurants drinking mineral water and then sweating it back out.

Pokhara is just South of the Himalayas which block a great deal of evaporated from passing meaning it falls on Pokhara. It's not just a drizzle but real monsoon rain. Another reason to hide in restaurants and not go out.

Most restaurants show set movies at lunch and on evenings and then allow you pick your own at other times. I watched The Island, Borat and Spiderman 3. The Island I found suprisingly good, Borat was amazingly funny although the sound quality wasn't so good. Spiderman seemed alright (I like Spidey) but then the rain caused a powercut so I missed the end.

I'd arrived in Pokhara on Thursday 17th and done not much but sit in restaurants and bars. Although it was fun and an easy way to meet people I decided I would leave on the Sunday.

Instead I was lazy so I postponed it until the Monday and then the Tuesday. I was all set to leave on Tuesday but then couldn't. But that's another story.....