I arrived in Delhi 6:30 am on the 29th. I had a place booked online before I came, they were meant to pick me up from the airport but didn't. That wasn't so good. I got a taxi and ended up in a "Tourist Office" and met a guy called Raj, he tried to sell me a trip up to Kashmir for lots of money but I said no. Apart from that he was quite nice.

I slept most of yesterday, woke up around 6 and then Raj came and called for me, we went for a curry with another tout and three girls. It was a nice meal with an Indian band playing some music in the background.

After the meal Raj tried to sell me the Kashmir trip again but I was tired and said so and then walked back to the room. I had a getaway planned for the morning.

Come morning time I got ready and then tried to check out. The hotel delayed it and sneakily called Raj who then turned up at the Hotel to take me back to the office. He tried to sell me Kashmir again so I said no again. I left then and got away.

I'm now in the Hotel Vivek, I had to tell the rickshaw driver the hotel name even though I had no booking or they would have taken me to another "Tourist Office", luckily there were rooms available.

I've been out today and got some Rupees paid hotel bill (2 nights). I will explore Delhi soon and then see if I can find somewhere a bit less hassley.

Dan out.


The Hotel Vivek

Smelly curtains and a window you can't see through

2007-03-30 17:40:39

Beautiful views from the window

2007-03-30 17:40:57